I admit that over

the past several weeks I have

grown increasingly infatuated

with Spring.

But Winter, dear,

it’s not entirely my fault.

You’ve been so distant and aloof,

rarely putting in an appearance.

I honestly thought that

you’d already gone.


Well, if you must know,

Spring has been stopping by

rather frequently.

She’s so young and vivacious,

she fairly glows!

Yes, she can be immature and silly,

but I like her giggle.

You should hear

the promises she makes.

It’s enough to make

a man blush.

And her green is so



Then this morning

I was sitting at the breakfast table when

you swept in,

imperious as always,

but absolutely beautiful,

glistening in the morning sunlight.

I almost gasped.

Winter, darling, your charms are still


Why have you been so



Spring will be coming by soon,

you’re going to have to leave.

Please go.

She could pop in any time now

and it would be awkward

if she found you here.


But, Winter, love,

this morning you were

so captivating . . .

I couldn’t

look away.